Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson
Vice President of Operations
Mr. Johnson is Vice President of Operations and has been a partner at RHO Inc. since its inception in 1981. He is responsible for operational strategy. As the chief architect of RHO's automated infrastructure, he has kept the company on the leading edge of computer technology since its inception. As Vice President of training, he created and presented technical courses for the unique environments of each of RHO's clients. Presently, he conducts training of newly acquired sales personnel. Over the past twenty years, he has been instrumental in securing, managing and successfully implementing projects for RHO's government and corporate clients.

Mr. Johnson gained his technical experience working in manufacturing companies on projects implementing ERP systems. He worked as a project manager and program manager in the chemical and financial industries.

Prior to his partnership in RHO, Mr. Johnson was an officer and an attack helicopter instructor pilot in the United States Army. There, he developed a training curriculum for advanced attack helicopter tactics and retired after 22 years of distinguished service.

Mr. Johnson earned a BA in Pure and Applied Mathematics and a BA degree in Psychology. He completed his graduate coursework in Computer Science at Montclair State University.

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