Contracts and Chargebacks Administrator

Job ID 17-00251

Industry Pharma

Job Type Permanent

Location Denville, NJ


Position Description Summary: Responsible for the administration, maintenance and validation of all customer contracts which include products, pricing, rebates and members. In addition, this position is responsible for the processing of all customer chargeback claims which includes validation, error resolution and issuance to the customer(s).
Contract Administration
- Responsible for the maintenance of all contracts in iContracts solution which includes products, pricing, rebates and customer memberships.
- Communicate all price changes to customers so that chargeback claims are processed accurately and without error.
- Communicate all direct price changes to 3PL partner to ensure proper invoicing.
- Responsible for ensuring all customer rebates are calculated accurately and timely to Ingenus customers and according to the terms of customer contract.
- Responsible for establishing processes and procedures for this new role.
- Initiate and maintain customer pricing database.
- Prepare customer proposals for management review which would include overall profitability analysis.
- Develop contract sales reports to support sales management in sales effort.
Chargeback and Rebate Administration
- Responsible for Chargeback Processing, which includes:
--Ensuring all electronic inbound chargeback requests from wholesalers are validated and processed on a timely basis.
--Ensuring all electronic outbound chargeback reconciliation reports including credits are provided to wholesalers on a timely basis
--Interfacing with Ingenus trading partners on errors related to chargebacks and disputed credits.
--Interfacing with Accounts Receivable team to reconcile all unauthorized deductions taken for chargebacks and rebates
- Responsible for ensuring Contract and Chargeback Solution is working properly and interacting with software vendor to resolve any system issues
- Development of Reports and Metrics against benchmarks to ensure excellent service is being provided to Customers
- Assist as needed in dispute resolution with Customer(s) for all Rebates and Chargeback discrepancies
- Coordinate and interact with Finance to ensure all rebates and chargeback credits are processed accurately and timely for financial reporting purposes.


- Bachelor's degree required
- Minimum 3 years' work experience
- Knowledge of Pharmaceutical industry preferred
- Proficiency in MS Office tools
- Possess strong problem-solving, communications and analytical skills
- Must be customer oriented, well organized and possess multi-tasking skills
- Familiarity with enterprise-wide integrated application systems such as iContracts, iMany, SAP, or others is essential
- Detail oriented with high degree of accuracy
- Working knowledge of the iContracts system and Third party data sources for DEA#, HIN#, and PHS and FSS websites preferred
- Knowledge of Medicaid and Government Pricing a plus but not required