System Engineer Sr. (Mainframe Baca)

Job ID 19-00124

Industry Computer/IT

Job Type Contract

Location Austin, TX


List any certifications or specialized skills/training required for the position: Skillset in order of priority: Cobol; CICS; IDMS; TCP/IP a plus; Z/OS utilities (CA or other); Assumption is they know TSO/ISPF,  JCL, etc.  

A System Engineer, Sr. provides technical support in system architecture, system design, system integration and technical management. Assists in providing technical input to the systems engineering process. Leads teams in developing application and technical plans. Guide customers in the installation and use of strategic products through education and guidance, first-use and tuning assistance problem solving and critical situation resolution.

Provide Systems analysis/mainframe development services for the mainframe environment involving coding and testing in support of service requests and problems received from customers. The systems in this environment are typically written in COBOL II and use z/OS Compiler; with supporting utilities such as Job Control Language (JCL), SAS (formerly known as Statistical Analysis Systems), Customer Information Control System (CICS), Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (DB2), Integrated Database Management System (IDMS), ORACLE, and Model 204. Typical tools used are CA7, TSO ISPF, SyncSort, and ENDEVOR. The Contractor shall use these various tools and programming languages to develop, update and maintain Medical, Financial and other mainframe based IT systems.
1. Write, execute, and analyze benchmark programs to test proposed new software features.
2. Establish controls to ensure an accurate and timely product.
3. Perform the necessary quality assurance procedures and coordinate with all necessary elements to ensure products conform to customer's requirements
4. Participate in the estimation process of projects.
5. Provide application programming support.
6. Maintain and update input screens, batch modules, and their related edit modules.
7. Maintain and update application modules and the associated JCL, copybooks, and PROCS as it pertains to ITOPS IO projects.
8. Coordinate all work with other ITOPS IO application programmers and system programmers.
9. Analyze and recommend a test management process: analyze an application and determine testing requirements, develop test plans, create test cases and perform tests runs, report and track defects in the application and document the code changes and provide progress reports. Any recommendations shall be provided to the COR/VA PM(s) for approval prior to any implementation.
10. Ensure that new software is integrated with existing software.
11. Design and document output formats for printed file records and reports and depict each position that the program/module is to print or display.
12. Design and document each data field and verify that the data field is large enough to accommodate the largest possible value it might contain and to allow for possible expansion.
13. Document the detailed logic required by the program/module and all of its processing steps.
14. Analyze production problems and research proper solutions.
15. Provide status updates of multiple efforts to co-workers, team leaders and supervisors.
16. Design and document the overall software process flow to include interfacing systems.
17. Inform the Project Manager of any identified risks pertaining to the project.
18. Resolve all action items assigned resulting from product reviews and process audits.
19. Attend project meetings, conduct peer reviews, and participate in product reviews of the Requirements and Design Specification documents.
20. Convey explanations and details pertaining to requirements and service requests, orally and in writing.
21. Utilize a change, configuration and release management product to create a new support request, retrieve and modify an existing support request, and close a support request.
22. Perform production callback, including outside normal duty hours, weekends, and holidays.
23. Adhere to all ITOPS IO program and naming standards


Basic Qualifications:

- 5 years senior-level experience with mainframe
- Engineering, Computer Science,  or related scientific /technical discipline, 
- Bachelor Degree or 8 additional years of experience in lieu of degree
Desired Skills:
Skillset in order of priority: Cobol; CICS; IDMS; TCP/IP a plus; Z/OS utilities (CA or other); Assumption is they know TSO/ISPF,  JCL, etc.  

Master's Degree/10 years' experience    Computer Science, EE, or Business Administration.  10 years additional relevant experience substituted for education.