Sr Software System Architect

Job ID 19-00085

Industry Computer/IT

Job Type Contract

Location Remote,


Perform support services within the ITOPS IO Security Management Division. This division is charged with establishing a centralized security program to address security with ITOPS IO's projects. As required within the sub-tasks below, the Contractor shall provide 24x7x365 across three shifts to provide 24x7x365 (except for Federal holidays where support will be provided on a call back basis). If not stated, support services are required during normal business hours only. 
Some security tasks are currently accomplished utilizing various tools, technologies, and processes that are not standardized across ITOPS (i.e. AITC, HITC, PITC, QITC, CITC, Regional Data Centers, Business Partner Extensions, External Cloud environments). Not all IT security functions are currently managed under a standardized set of processes and technologies or in a centralized format. In some cases, more than one process exists for a single function, i.e. access requests. In other cases, while a process or security system exists, its use is not commonplace at all applicable sites. 
The Contractor shall perform systems security tasks, described below, including System Access Management; Enterprise Risk Management; Information Assurance Service Line; Technical Security; and Vulnerability Assessment.
Netflow Analysis- day to day duties include monitoring network and application response using    monitoring tools
Application Delivery Analysis (ADA) - day to day duties include configuring ADA to analyze network traffic as it relates to VA applications hosted at VA data centers.
Multiport monitor configuration and deployment to collect and analyze network traffic which is passed to ADA for storage and presentation
Tap the network traffic and provide data packet flows to each monitoring tool set for Network teams, Security Teams and Monitoring teams.  Current tools include Netshark, Forescout, RScope, PVS, ADA/MTP.  Each toolset requires different filtering applied so the tools can diagnose performance and detect abnormal or suspect traffic. 
Provide diagnostic support during High and Critical priority calls as well as project engineer calls to isolate root cause of performance issues
Assist with Spectrum monitoring tool to discover and manage device deployments (servers and network components) at VA Datacenters, primarily AITC, PITC, CRRC, HITC and regional Data Centers at Sacramento, St. Louis, Denver, Orlando, Little Rock, and New Jersey


A Senior Software/System Architect must have extensive experience in the coordination of program and project leaders to identify requirements for system architecture. Must be able to identify strategies for addressing requirements. Must have extensive experience with analysis of requirements against fiscal, schedule, and performance issues. Has extensive experience in taking program requirements and is able to create an architecture vision having experience in high volume and high availability networks and systems.  Experience in creating and conveying to team members the architectural vision for a program or project.  Is responsible for dictating design choices to software developers, including but not limited to: platforms, coding and technical levels. Experience in establishing and enforcing standards and practices.  Overseeing the development team, he manages the full life cycle of the software development process.   Has extensive software development experience and thorough knowledge of a variety of programming languages and logic.

1.    Clear and concise communication skills, able to convey complex ideas to non-technical staff.
2.    Ability to define detailed requirements while seeing the big picture.


Master's Degree in computer science, electronics engineering or other engineering or technical discipline plus 10 years of experience is required.  10 additional years of experience may be substituted for degree.