Supervisor, Production, 2nd Shift

Job ID 18-00115

Industry Pharma

Job Type Permanent

Location Dectur, NJ


The position is responsible for the operation of all production equipment and supervision of the technicians and associates responsible for setting up, operating and maintaining the equipment and production processes. Production Supervisor's key responsibilities include organization of workflow, preparation of schedules, overseeing and coaching employees while effectively and efficiently overseeing production operations. 

Perform Investigations and determine and implement long lasting corrective and preventative actions. 
Monitor process performance, identify gaps, and implement corrective actions to achieve and sustain agreed upon performance. 
Foster and maintain a continuous process improvement mentality within the group. 
Foster and maintain Communication within the group. 
Be able to coordinate activities with other groups and management. 
Lead the implementation of CAPA items. 
Operate assigned equipment and processes, as needed. 
Review and Approve Batch Records and other Documentation. 
Create Processes and Procedures. 
Supervise the technical set up and technical personnel's activities for the Filling, Capping, Equipment Preparation and Sterilization areas. 
Supervise the activities of the Production Associates (i.e. Inspection, Material Handling, etc.)
Maintain a clean and sanitary environment. 
Interact with equipment suppliers and engineering department for technical issues, in maintaining spare parts inventories and routine preventative maintenance or rebuild work. 
Supervise annual HEPA filter integrity testing and cleanroom certification. 
Perform step rate reviews for production technicians and associates. 
Perform reviews of other associates as required. 

Participating in pre-FAT testing for new production equipment. 
This will require some traveling. 
Substitute for other production supervisory staff in absence or vacation. 


At times it may be necessary to work additional hours in order to get the required tasks accomplished to meet deadlines. 
Become certified to work in cleanrooms for the purpose of aseptic filling. 

2+ to 5 years' experience
Seniority Level - Mid-Senior
Management Experience Required - Yes
Minimum Education - Bachelor's Degree
Willingness to Travel - Occasionally

Mechanical aptitude is a must. 
Leadership and communication (verbal and written) skills and ability to be part of team. 
The cleanroom manufacturing environment requires personnel with good personal hygiene. 
Adaptability to change and to perform under pressure with time constraints. 

Bachelor's Degree and 3 years supervisory experience, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry. 
Experience in a manufacturing environment or advanced mechanical training is a plus. 

A large amount of time will be spent standing or walking, stooping, kneeling or crouching. 
The employee must regularly lift objects up to 10 lbs., and pushing carts in excess of 500 to 1000 lbs. is necessary. 
Lifting baskets with product weighing 10-20 lbs. 

Exposure to moving mechanical parts. 
Handling products or substances that are caustic, carcinogenic and / or flammable. 
Proper safety equipment is provided and must be worn. 
MSDS are available upon request. 
Open flames are used in the ampoule sealing process. 
Care must be taken not to expose flammable liquids or substances in the vicinity. 
Wet, humid conditions and / or dry, cool conditions are common. 
Exposure to steam, hot containers or equipment and hot WFI is common (up to121°C).
Proper safety equipment is provided and must be worn. 
Exposure to dry heat ovens at temperatures up to 265°Celcius.
Proper safety equipment is provided and must be worn. 

Ability to hear accurately the spoken word with moderate office noise or plant noise.
Ability to apply deductive reasoning and understand complicated issues. 
Ability to receive instructions and follow work rules and company policies. 
Ability to follow safety and security practices. 
Ability to meet deadlines and effectively deal with office stress. 
Ability to accurately communicate ideas, facts and technical information. 
Maintain confidentiality of certain information