Warehouse Supervisor

Job ID 17-00233

Industry Pharma

Job Type Permanent

Location Lawrenceville, NJ



  1. Plan and coordinate all Warehouse activities.
  2. Maintain the WH shop as per the cGMP norms,
  3. Strictly follow the written down instructions and SOP's,
  4. Inspect/ receive non-inventory materials (Lab supplies, Office supplies, Cleaning supplies, etc.)
  5. Generate GRN's for non-inventory materials
  6. Inspect/ receive all GMP inventory materials (Raw Materials, API's, Packaging Materials, etc.)
  7. Generate Good Receipt Notes (GRN's) for all the incoming inventory materials
  8. Stores materials as per applicable status, according to the current cGMP's and keeps warehouse/ dispatch areas clean and organized
  9. Create the inventory cards for all incoming inventory items and maintain it during consumption.
  10. Delivers non-inventory supplies and equipment to related departments by receiving and transferring items
  11. Keeps stock control system up to date by conducting physical/ cycle counts, reconciling variances, inputting data
  12. To coordinate and arrange for the shipments as per the forecast from time to time, by coordinating with various carriers and arrange for the pick-up of the Finished Goods, as per the corresponding STA dates and customer's requests.
  13. Maintain good segregation of the material and readily retrievable for dispensing and shipments.
  14. To plan for dispensing in advance in coordination with QA/Manufacturing and make the material ready.
  15. Maintain proper storage condition for the material with segregation of under quarantine/Under Test/ Approved/ rejected/ Hazardous


Must be local to Lawrenceville area
Qualification : Associate Degree
Experience : 5 years +

Direct related experience with solid dosage, OTC preferred