What Exactly is RHO

With the growing availability of bulk resumes being uploaded, download, and emailed in the internet, hiring companies simply don't have the bandwidth to screen every resume made available to them. That's where RHO, a staffing and consulting company comes into play. When companies are actively growing and expanding, they engage RHO to find talented employees, such as yourself, for their organization!

We provide our clients with services such as:

  • Providing highly skilled candidates
  • Scheduling and coordinating interviews
  • Job description analysis with hiring managers
  • Provide market insights such as candidate availability and pricing
  • Negotiating salary and rates

RHO forms close relationships with the HR Department, Hiring Managers, and Applicants. RHO needs talented professionals seeking challenges and wanting to make a difference!

So What's In It For You?

Having the close relationships with our clients increases your chances of getting an interview. 

Over 60% of our applicants receive interview requests. 

Over 30% of our interviewed applicants receive offers.

When you work with RHO, we collaborate with you to achieve your goals! 

Tips For Working with RHO

  • Be completely honest and don't lie. RHO represents you to the hiring companies and we will represent you in the best way possible.
  • Do not apply to the company website once we've disclosed the hiring company to you. Doing so could jeopardize our ability to represent you.
  • Do not work with multiple agencies for the same job opening. If several agencies reach out to you for the same job, choose one agency to work with.
  • Disclose information such as upcoming interviews and offers with other companies along with vacation plans. RHO communicates with the hiring companies to benefit you.

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